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New! Social Media Campaign

The Texas Democratic Party passed a new rule, so a few members of the Hispanic delegation have gathered to address this new rule.

Since the first email attempt failed to gain sufficient response to this matter, rather than bombard boxes…membership of the Hispanic delegation is conducting a social media campaign aimed at reaching fellow members to bring attention to the urgency in complying with this new rule change. We need feedback and we need members to vote to adopt a set of bylaws. And we need to get it done asap. A set of bylaws have been drafted and are ready for review by interested members of the Hispanic delegation. Please review and submit any feedback as soon as possible. Click the link to review the drafted bylaws (they are a work in progress-updated versions are uploaded as soon as they are available) and use the contact form to provide feedback, or register to attend a meeting. Information on the next meeting will be posted on the website. It will happen in the next couple of weeks. Please add your name to the list of interested parties.

Thank you,

Fidel Acevedo, Co-Chair of the PHD’s
Philip Ruiz, Co-Chair of the PHD’s


“Addressing TDP Rule Change #3”

Amend Article III, Section D State Democratic Executive Committee, subsection 2 SDEC Members, to read as follows:
2. SDEC Members.
a. Membership.
(1) The SDEC shall be composed of two statutory members elected from every senatorial district and the following additional members:
· two from the Texas Democratic County Chairs Association,
· two from the Texas Young Democrats,
· one from the Senatorial Democratic Caucus (non-voting),
· one from the House Democratic Caucus (non-voting),
· two from the Texas Democratic Women,
· two from the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats,
· two from the Hispanic Caucus,
· two from the Non-Urban/Agriculture Caucus,
· two from the Texas Stonewall Democrats,
· two from the Texas Environmental Democrats,
· two from the Democrats with Disabilities,
· two from the Asian American Democrats of Texas, and
· two from the Texas Veterans Organization.

(2) The autonomous, independent caucuses/organizations listed in subsection (1) exist under the umbrella of the Texas Democratic Party. Each caucus/organization is governed by their individual bylaws which have been approved by vote of their membership. Within said bylaws are articles which pertain to the election of officers (when officers are elected) and the procedure for any election of officers, as well as the duties of the officers.

(3) To maintain their membership on the SDEC, these caucuses and groups must hold or sponsor a caucus at the State Convention. If the group is an independent membership organization, the organization shall:

1) Post its current bylaws on the Texas Democratic Party website;

2) Allow for at-large memberships if the group consists of chapters and allow all members to vote in officer elections;

3) Invite all convention delegates of the most current or the most recent state convention who meet the qualifications of the group to join and give notice of elections in a timely manner before elections are held; and

4) If elections are not held at the time listed in the bylaws, the SDEC representative shall be ineligible to serve on the committee and shall be removed until new elections are held and the State Chair is given notice of the new officers.

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Press Release

PRESS Conference Friday, June 27, 2014

5:15 PM– 6PM At the Skybridge connecting the Omni Hotel with the CONVENTION CENTER, DALLAS, TX AT THE TDP CONVENTION


Caucus leaders ready to take a stand against rules and practices that no longer serve the diverse population of Texas.

Click on the link to read the entire press release


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